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The rules of this world don’t always apply when crossing the void. Are you READY???

Crossing the Void Radio is the place where your guides, Join Scott Haire and Alexis Doyle, help you to cross that line from known reality to the unknown and misunderstood. On our journey topics include the paranormal, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, and much more.

Show Hosts

Scott Haire and Alexis (Lexi) Doyle

ScottHaireScott Haire, Paranormal Researcher, Co-Founder of Central Connecticut Paranormal Society (CCPS), radio show producer, and Contributor to Bellesprit Magazine, has had very interesting experiences with the paranormal since he was very young. Scott has been on a quest to understand why he experienced what he did, and why lost souls stay behind after death. He co-founded the Central Connecticut Paranormal Society (CCPS) in 2008 to further the path to find the truth.

Alexis (Lexi) Doyle is a Alexis DoyleParanormal Researcher/Paranormal Historian, host of “Cauldron of Knowledge” at and “First lady of CTVPR”.  Her first paranormal experience occurred when Lexi was 4-5 years of age. That launched in her a  deep desire to learn about what she’d experienced. She continues to be fueled by the desire to learn all she can about the hidden worlds apart from us but near us.

Lexi is a mother of two beautiful little girls who are starting to experience their own glimpses of the paranormal. Lexi is  grateful for all she has learned so she can guide them to deal with these without fear. She is, for most, a teacher who finds great satisfaction in providing insight and information to people to help them realize that what they experience, whether paranormal or normal but unexplained, is not something to be afraid of. Simply by identifying these things makes them just that much less fearful.