Submitted By: Michael John Fierro, Numerologist and Author

With a Life Path number of 7 (8/21/2012) the Hey Z Radio Network’s role in life is to be that of a seeker and, as a result of the seeking, a teacher. The 7 Life Path is a lifetime of mental and spiritual exploration that uses and develops the mind while also enhancing the spirit. The 7 is the seeker of knowledge and it is important for the 7 to then share its gained wisdom with others. By successfully applying the knowledge will Hey Z be able to benefit the world. The 7 observes, analyzes and understands that which it learns and studies. It behooves the 7 to be in harmony with art and music while maintaining an interest in history and the ‘why’ of things. The 7 Life Path makes an excellent teacher, professor, writer, or spiritual or religious leader and must learn to exercise all aspects of the mind and spirit.

Hey Z has a 3 Soul Urge, a 7 Personality/Image and a 1 Expression. The 3 Soul Urge is a happy, social energy that is creative and expressive. Words written and spoken are at the core of this vibration. The 3 is emotional and loving and a social being that loves to inform and entertain. There is a natural tendency towards self-expression and the expression of the creative self and this is the perfect number to be associated with both a magazine and radio network. In its heart, Hey Z’s desire is to fulfill the natural qualities and characteristics of the 3. Its audience will be attracted to the entertainment component of that which it offers and will look to Hey Z for helpful information and a respite from everyday life. Another strong aspect of a 3 Soul Urge is a strong affinity to children and animals and I would encourage some aspect of its programming be devoted to these categories. With a 3 Lifetime Challenge, the important thing for Hey Z to do is to ‘find its voice’. It may go through some transformative periods before finally settling upon its true mission and message. The 5 Challenge in the first position shows that it will be in its early years that Hey Z makes those changes before settling upon its true identity. Consequently, it is important that attention is paid to not scattering the energy in too many different directions and that attention is paid to that which resonates with the audience.

The 7 Personality/Image is the seeker that is looking for answers to questions both asked and unasked. The 7 possesses a deep source of wisdom and a thirst to learn and understand all it can. A 7 is analytical and a natural researcher with a great interest in books and the attainment of knowledge. Its favorite question is ‘why?’ and Hey Z should use this influence to accumulate and disseminate information to its readers and listeners. Naturally intuitive, the 7 should be capable of discovering that which is important for itself and for those with whom it comes in contact. Since the Personality/Image is a ‘first impression’ number, steps should be taken to insure that its image with its audience is accessible for in its worst condition, the 7 can be aloof and unapproachable.

With a 1 Expression, Hey Z has the vibration and energy to be a leader in its field. A 1 possesses a great mind and great ideas and can be an initiator of concepts and directions. The 1 is viewed as a pioneer with an inventive mind who can be a natural problem solver. Properly manifested, Hey Z will be seen as an innovator in that which it pursues and produces. An important factor in all it does is the assembly of a great team, one capable of producing that which is desired. Once all the components are put together, great things are possible.

In summary, Hey Z’s audience will respond to the entertainment and educational aspects of that which is presented. Whether it is for pure entertainment, or the metaphysical and spiritual knowledge presented, Hey Z will be seen as a source.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro, Numerologist/Author
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