Mary S. asked “What is my life’s purpose?”

Mary, with a birth date of 11/1/1958, you have a 17/8 Life Path.

The 8 with its association to the elements of money, power, ambition, business and/or athletics shows that you have a great potential for making and accumulating wealth. In your career, you will naturally gravitate towards a supervisory, management, or ownership position in business. You are a ‘big’ picture type of person who is motivated, goal-oriented, confident, driven and ambitious. To a degree, you are a natural leader and unafraid of taking on a challenge. It is important that you lead by example while inspiring others in their jobs. You should possess great stamina and strength, enabling you to endure the challenges of any task you pursue.

As a single digit Master Number, you may be placed in situations where your insights and leadership skills are put to the test. Also, you must learn to create a balance between the material and the spiritual. Since 8 on its side represent infinity and the law of attraction and return, your lifetime may be one of a great many karmic situations that will put you to the test. With this in mind, you must be aware of your actions and the effects that they have on others.

The 17/8 shows that you are a researcher, scientist or detective, working to uncover the secrets and mysteries of life. You have a strong desire for the truth and look to root out and solve the problems and enigmas that occur throughout your lifetime (and perhaps, in the lives of those around you). Your curiosity will lead you to the study of the metaphysical or occult as well as the inner self. There is a depth and quiet strength about you that is recognizable by those with whom you come in contact. Your intelligence and introspective nature create a need for periods of meditation or solitude so that you may process that which you know, or have learned. Your ability to discern deep truths and knowledge must be allowed to take root so that you may share them with others. You have great potential to be successful in your pursuits and are confident, and have faith in, the great potential and possibilities of the future. Your connection to truths gives you confidence in the goodness of man and an understanding of the greater consciousness.

It would behoove you to find a way to combine your executive and business acumen with the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of yourself, for it is within this combination where you will find your greatest successes. Be careful about being too stubborn and do not succumb to your temper or anger. Another caution is to be aware of any tendencies you may have to become vindictive.

The most important aspect of the 8 Life Path is the need to understand money and the energy of money as this is the area in which you may have the greatest difficulties. Although your capacity to earn money can be strong, you must also reconcile this with the fact that your rewards may be in the work you do, and not financial.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro, Numerologist/Author
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