On Miriam Slozberg’s episode of Let’s Get Social earlier this evening, a very important topic of how to behave and how not to behave on social media was discussed. The main social media platforms used are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Many people are making major mistakes in regards to social media which is harming their online presence and reputation.

What are the Common Mistakes that People Make on Social Media?

  1. Over-Promotion. Yes, a huge turn off to others is selling to others on your networks, excessively. If all you talk about is your business and reminding your friends and followers that you have a sale on every post you put out, no one is going to want to hear about it. It is okay to mention something about your business once every four days, and it is also okay to put out information about relevant announcements about your business but do not do it more than once. On a Facebook page you can get away with this a little more, but on your personal profile, keep it to a minimum. Your friends and followers need to be made aware but at the same time do not want to be sold! Build relationships first and then mention specials happening, seldom. You will have a much higher chance of interest!
  2. Over-posting. A huge turn off is seeing one post after another from the same person on your feed. If I see that, I unfriend or unfollow that individual, especially on Facebook. Do not post 10 times in a row or else you will lose your connections and your content will be penalized by Facebook. Post 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the afternoon and 4 times in the evening and spread it out. If you have a large network you can get away with it a little more but be cautious. You can also post more often on Twitter but again no more than once an hour if you have less than 2000 followers. You will not only lose connections but you will be penalized.
  3. Being Negative. You will certainly not attract new connections on your social networks if you are known to swear, complain and just throw out negativity all of the time. People have bad days and bad months, or more but if you are serious about developing a positive online presence, keep a journal handy and vent it out there. Call a friend who cares. Whatever you do, keep it off of your social networks. You will end up with a negative reputation quickly.
  4. Sharing Inappropriate Content It may be tempting to share a joke, or something offensively funny, or shocking however, if you do, you will not only upset some of your connections but you will end up with a reputation of being known to share inappropriate content. Keep away from sharing anything that has to do with politics, religion, sexuality and even jokes. What may be funny to you could be offensive and triggering to someone else. Use common sense and share interesting articles related to your areas of interest, inspirational quotes, pictures of animals, gorgeous scenery, desserts or anything that you know others will like. That is a time to put yourself into the shoes of those in your networks.
  5. Replying to Trolls. Once in a while a bully is going to try to get a rise out of you. The best thing you can do for your reputation and sanity is to block that individual or ignore completely. Eventually the troll will leave you alone. You don’t want to be known as someone who gets into mindless arguments with those who are not worth your time.
  6. Forgetting that your Offline Spills over Online and Vice Versa You are attempting to build a strong and clean presence online, and yet you go to a party and get drunk. Pictures of you in that condition are posted all over the internet. Your clean presence you were working hard on building is gone. Stay clean everywhere, offline and online because there is no such thing as true privacy anymore.
  7. Buying Fans and Followers. Do you not interact with many people in your networks? Do they not interact with you? And yet you are found to have thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook fans? People will know from the get-go that you had purchased those and that will kill your reputation. You will get a lot more respect from others if you have only 100 fans but they are interactive on your Facebook page than you having 2000 fans, with nothing happening! People only respect anything and anyone that is real! Remember that the next time you want to buy fans or followers just to look impressive, because it does not.
  8. Not Welcoming New Connections. It is difficult to welcome new connections on networks like Twitter and Google Plus, and impossible to do on other networks like Pinterest and Instagram. However, on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, there is no reason not to. You manually accept friend requests, and the right thing to do is just say hi. A simple hi can open a lot of doors for a potential relationship, that may even lead to a sale! If you don’t break the ice, you will just be seen as a number. You are more than that.

Social media has become so prevalent now, that it is part of life! Use common sense and you will be fine.

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