As an empath, highly sensitive person and lightworker I find that if I’m going to listen to music it has to be the right sort ; it’s right for me if it lifts my emotions and mood, raises my energy to a higher vibration and heals and clears energy that has become stagnant.

I find some music to be offensive to my energy. It quite literally creates havoc with me and I can’t bear the sound, so being exposed to it is like having a severe ear and energy bashing that causes me to cover my ears and dive for the off switch or nearest exit!

Certain vocalists cause the same reaction. I just can’t resonate with the energy of their voice when they have a low or chaotic vibration. However, if their energy is high and uplifting it can compel me to listen, even root me to the ground or make me want to jump up and dance.

Music and sound affect our spiritual well-being and growth; it is very important to choose wisely when exposing ourselves and children to it. It can be hard to clear energy and raise our vibration if we are continually exposed to the wrong sort of sound and music.

If you are unsure of how music makes you feel or how it affects you just take a look at your body language and be aware of your thoughts, mood and reactions when you play certain songs and different styles of music. If your children tend to get out of control when you play certain music try turning it off and see if they calm down or experiment to find what music or sounds soothe them when they are behaving moodily or acting out of sorts.

Just bear in mind when playing music out loud – that which is a heavenly tone for one person could be an unbearable noise for someone else. Becoming aware of noise pollution includes more than just how loud the sound may be.

Contributed By Ravenne Wadeson
A natural 4th Generation Psychic Empath, Clairvoyant , Clairsentient, Clairtangent,  Channeller, Soul Healer , Healer. Catalyst for Awakening others. I’m also a HSP and Lightworker. Ravenne is one of the rotating hosts on Extra Sensory People, Thursday, 6-8pm eastern. Helping to heal people, one soul at a time!