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Would you like to get in on something that’s ground floor right now but has the potential to be the biggest thing of its kind in the world? You could do that right now by hosting your own show or sponsoring one of your favorite shows on the Hey Z Radio Network.

All you have to do is send us an email at We’ll get back to you with all the details about sponsoring one of the fine shows we already have or what it takes to host your own.

Have you always had that inner disc jockey in you and thought you’d be good at it? This is a good way to find out. Now’s your chance to join us here on the fastest growing, fastest paced, best network on the internet.

Endorsements From Hey Z-Radio Hosts

“Hey-Z is a network that I’m proud to be part of and the love of the people and music gives me a warm feeling that lets me know that Hey-Z is the best place for my country show.”

~Graham Goddard aka DJ Frosty (Country Style)

“Hey-Z seems to be dedicated to innovation and progress. I like the idea of being part of a network that takes the spiritual side of the paranormal seriously and doesnt trivialize the metaphysical. I’m happy to be part of a network that seeks to not only entertain the listener but educate as well.”

~Rick Hale (Paranormal Underground)

“I’m thrilled to be a member of Hey-Z because people involved in the network are passionate about what they do. I am very passionate about Paranormal Underground Radio, so we fit right in. Coming to Hey-Z feels like coming home.”

~Karen Frazier (Paranormal Underground)

“The diverse programming and welcoming atmosphere instantly drew me to the network. I knew it was the perfect home for the kind of show that I wanted to do.”

~Chris Giametta aka DJ3 (Club Onyx)

“Besides scotch, bubble wrap and Gummy bears… Hey-Z Radio – it’s cheaper and more fulfilling than therapy.”

~Eric Brumble aka Eric Bee (Dark Sun Rising)

Hey-Z covers it all, which is rare for a radio network. I am proud to have part of the lineup.”

~Jim Malliard (The Malliard Report)

“What a wonderful place to share, learn and grow! Hey Z….The WORLD is listening!”

~Stephen Hill (Alternative Frequencies)

“Hey-Z Radio Network began with a dream and became an inspiration to all.”

~Belle Salisbury (Live with Belle Salisbury)

“There is a passion in the family of hosts that is missing from most networks. Hey-Z is setting the new standards!”

~Rebecca Lynch (The Shadows Radio)

“Guided by Spirit, Hey-Z Radio has manifested into a beautiful family of passionate and dedicated hosts who know how it needs to be done!”

~Ryan Meashaw (Ascension Talk Radio)

“I have been with Hey Z from the beginning. I’ve seen it grow and prosper. But my biggest love here is that all of the hosts know each other, talk and respect one another, and build one another up. That’s teamwork, thats love, that’s Hey-Z.”

~LynAnne Moon (Dimensions of Spirit)

“There’s an extraordinary adventure that awaits you. . . Hey-Z Radio has to be one of the most empowering collection of radio hosts you will ever have access to!”

~Scott Grossberg (Magical Moments with Scott)

“I am excited to be the New Kid On the Block!”

~Pamela Cummins (The Love Channel)

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